Tis The (Wrestling) Season

By Darby Pritz December 30, 2015

Mountaineer Coffee is knee-deep in wrestling season.


Daniel is a wrestling coach for the local High School. Every year their team hosts one of the biggest tournaments in the state. It would be a big deal for anyone involved, but his family goes all out. His dad started this tournament 34 years ago. His brother, David, is the head coach. Daniel is the assistant coach. His parents run the tournament. They take their 13 year old son out of school so he can help. It’s a BIG DEAL.


So, naturally, he wanted to involve the business. We usually provide the coaches breakfast on Saturday morning, but this year we also decided to sell coffee outside the gym. That’s where I come in (with both babies). Luckily one of our baristas was free that morning and offered to help, otherwise I would have been hate-texting Daniel all day.

I hauled in my pack-n-play, set up the booth, plopped Mable down with some toys, and set Freeman loose in the gym. The kids did awesome. Mable took a nap and Freeman checked in with me periodically, usually to request some cold brew. (No, kid. You’re two. Have some juice)



It was an intense weekend full of late nights, early mornings, and cleanup efforts lasting well into the next week. I’m proud of those coaches for everything they do, because they certainly don’t do it for the paycheck. They’re investing in the lives of these High School kids, and they see value in what they do. That’s amazing. I’m over here trying to block out the High School phase of my life. But they love wrestling. And I love that.



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