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Joel’s Mug

This is my brother’s mug. He used it every day at work. Until a year ago. Now it sits on my nightstand. The drops of… Read More

Direct Trade – Costa Rica, Dota

The term “Direct trade” is thrown around quite a bit in the coffee world but doesn’t speak very specifically about the relationship between roaster and… Read More

The Last Phone Call

I had received several missed calls and voicemails from Joel, unusual but not unheard of. He was good about calling to check up on our… Read More

Mountaineer Coffee Is Getting A New Home

This journey has been a whirlwind. When I think back on the last 4 years it doesn’t seem possible. Daniel and I were… Read More

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee (at Home)

Have you ever made iced coffee at home? I used to a very long time ago. I’ll spare you the details because it’s shameful and… Read More

Shame, Sympathy, and the “S” Word

Suicide. Suicide, suicide, suicide. Maybe if I say it enough it will start to sound ridiculous instead of scary. Like when you say any word… Read More

Home Brewing Tips From A Coffee Roaster’s Wife

I love coffee. My first college essay was about the coffee shop I would one day own and all the wonderful people I… Read More

Surviving the Holidays

I love the Holidays. Fall and Winter are my two favorite seasons, consecutively. However, in Florida, there are only two seasons. The first… Read More

A Lesson on Living

If you’ve been keeping up with our journey, you know that I’m healing from a major loss. But it’s not… Read More

Why small batch roasted coffee is better for all of us

Let’s talk about small batch roasting. It’s fantastic. It makes a difference. It matters. But the best part? There’s lots of best parts. Not just… Read More