October 12

  I’m trying to keep this blog lighthearted and resourceful. But today I’m going to heal through writing. My brother took his life in June. Read More

In The Beginning There Was Coffee

But we won’t go that far back. This is the story of how Daniel and I were given a dream. Four years ago I met Daniel. He was a relative of my good friend, a hunky wrestler, obsessed with coffee, and most importantly, loved Jesus. So obviously I had to have him. There was just one problem: he lived in Florida. I know some of you would not consider this a problem, but I’m from Oklahoma. We have our own musical. I’m a fan of cold weather and to be honest I just don’t enjoy sand. But these are minuscule when compared with the separation from my family. However, we were in love and none of that mattered. We stayed up late talking about the coffee shop we would one day (in the DISTANT future) own, spent our days discovering new roasters and shops, and learned more every day about how much we didn’t know about coffee. Read More