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Why I Want To Thank You On My Anniversary

3 years ago I married my best friend, business partner, baby daddy, dream sharer, hunk of hotness, Daniel Pritz. Gross, right? Sorry.

But I’ll tell you a secret.

Marriage is hard. Running a business is hard. Having kids is hard. (For anyone who does any of these things, this isn’t a secret. It’s a painfully obvious fact of life). But I’m not here to give you marriage, business, or parenting advice. In fact, if you’d like to give ME a little advice on any of these topics please share it in the comments because Lord knows I need it.

Our "Ecclesiastical Dignitary" Uncle Dave. Apparently you just need a made-up title to marry people in Oklahoma.
Our “Ecclesiastical Dignitary” Uncle Dave. Apparently you just need a made-up title to marry people in Oklahoma.

I’m here to say that this journey has been beautiful. It’s beautiful because it’s hard. When things are hard it becomes obvious that I love what we do. I love that we do it together, and I love that we’re sharing it with our kids. Because if we didn’t love it we would have quit so many times. I can think of about seven times just today.

So I want to thank you.

I know, that’s weird. Why am I thanking random people on my anniversary? Because YOU ARE NOT RANDOM. You’ve made this amazing journey possible. Daniel and I get to live our dream together because you see value in what we do. And that’s incredible.


So yes, today is about Daniel and I celebrating our marriage. But it’s so much bigger than that. We’re also celebrating a very full, very crazy life. And Mountaineer Coffee is a huge part of the awesomeness.

6 thoughts on “Why I Want To Thank You On My Anniversary

  1. Beautiful… We truly love watching your family grow, if only from a distance. My only thought is to really enjoy each day and what it brings, you will see Him in the midst of it all… and remember that, “Love never fails” Love is always the answer <3

    1. Thank you, Mrs. See 🙂 Yes, Love is the greatest commandment!

  2. Darby, all the best to you, Daniel, and the kids. I have been married for 34 years and I can tell you it doesn’t get much easier but the rewards are more than worth the hard times. Live your lives to the fullest and have no regrets.

    1. Awesome advice, thank you! And 34 years – that’s amazing

  3. You are incredible, Darby! You and Daniel exude Christ’s love for each other and all of us, too. Happy anniversary and to God be the glory, great things He has done! We love you!

    1. Love you! Thank you Aunt Randi

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